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The tantalizing Toronto Escort with a warm smile, alluring body and a playful charm. She leaves a garnish of her scent wherever she goes, and is the woman men desire – even after she’s gone. She is in no way a simple infatuation. Her femininity is intoxicating and she’ll leave you craving for her soft lustrous ebony skin.

She’s playful, fun and very scintillant. Her every move is a graceful one, and her eyes speak with seduction. Scarlett is ambitious to please you so trust that her temptations will lead her to sharing the most euphoric moments with you. Let her excite your desires, entice your senses and be the woman you need her to be. 

You’re about to meet Scarlett… 

In one kiss, you’ll know all I haven’t said - Pablo Neruda

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....only to be helplessly drawn to following the rest of her body up to her luscious hair perfectly swept along the nape of her neck resting down the long of her back... If so, you’ve already met Scarlett. The mystery of her lingers in your mind after you’ve walked away and you can’t stop thinking about her. A night with her will leave you far more tantalized than just a lingered memory.

Have you ever walked into a cocktail lounge and noticed a woman at the bar with her eyes bright, standing out sharply amidst her bold, dark features, giving her expression a curious, hungry smile and a vexingly defiant pout, marked with a deep, warm maroon? With her legs crossed and all you can think of is “damn, those are the longest sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.....” 

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